A uniquely produced music platform; allowing artists to present their music in any visual language they prefer. We blend melodies, visual arts and storytelling. We are creators.

Conceptual Live Sessions

White Chorus
You / Telephone Call

Pieter Anroputra
It's All About You / Get Over You / Can I Talk to You?

Erratic Moody & Rasukma
Pearl / Van der Wijck

Oscar Lolang
Melodies / Unwanted Temple

Pasukan Perang
Nestapa (Hareudang) / Air

Dhira Bongs & MUREI
Sungguh Terlalu /
Not an Ordinary Fairytale

Don't / Let it Go

Rayhan Noor
Sweet Cherry Sunrise / I'll Be Around

Agatha Pricilla
You're Still Her / Desire

Putra Timur
Sejenak / Pelipur Lara

Semu / Berbunga

Aldrian Risjad
Takkan / Help You Out

Weekend Rounders & Boydroots
Pressure / Sunshine / Cruisin' in Hell

King T, Sbplusix & Gally Glitch
White Ferrari / The Sequence / Peons / Ain't the One

Aksi Kucing / Diam Itu Tak Melulu Emas

Last Afternoon
Satramau / Suar

Tomorrow Never Knows / Black Sun

Wake Up This Day / Sabadude

Cause Instant Crush
I've Been Swipin' Left on Tinder / Sillybread Celebrate

You / Grace Kelly

Srangan / Zaman, Zaman

Our Partnerships

Small Space x FK Unpad Fair 2020
Abraham Kevin, Loner Lunar, Tadi, Short Movie & Talkshow

Small Space x Music Festifile 2020
Tadi, Featuz, Virdania & Talkshow

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